goodness of coconut

Think Natural

Naturally derived ingredients using MCT coconut oil and Australian native Botanical extracts. This ensures our products are safe and gentle for babies, toddlers & mums.

made in australia
baby friendly
all natural
coconut content
native plants

Think Sustainable

Nothing is wasted!

We source our coconuts from the tropical islands of the Philippines. A country built on high sustainable values and ethical beliefs keeping in line with Think Coconuts values.

Our coconuts are harvested when mature so we can use the whole nut, nothing is wasted! Giving natural Coconut water and Coconut meat for oil, desiccated and cream used as ingredients for many coconut based products.​

Think Coconut

Our main ingredient is nothing but the natural goodness of Coconut and Coconut MCT (a patented ingredient extracted from organically grown coconuts).

With a minimum of 50% oil used in all of our products.

100% Free From Nasties

no animal testing
no gmo
paraben free
no silicones
no palm oil


What is MCT Oil -
The Breakdown

Caproic Acid C6

Rare & valuable, used as carrier for perfumes Converts to ketones almost instantly

Caprylic Acid C8

Most ready source of ketones Crosses blood-brain barrier readily Caprylic acid is relatively milder digest

Capric Acid C10

Most ready source of ketones Crosses blood-brain barrier readily Capric acid is also anti-pathogenic

the essence of coconut oil

Think Coconut 100% MCT contains C8 and C10 only 25 nuts are needed to make 1 litre of Think Coconut MCT (only 5 nuts make VCO) Aids in Ketone creation and boosts energy and focus Allows liquid formulation – normally a limitation of coconut oil.